Unconventional Security for an Urban Environment

2 Day Covert Entry 01/18/20 - 01/19/20 Windsor Locks, CT


2 Day Covert Entry 01/18/20 - 01/19/20 Windsor Locks, CT

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All training and instruction will take place at:

Homewood Suites by Hilton, 65 Ella Grasso Turnpike - Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Room Blocks are reserved at discounted rates for each class

Course Description:

Our Covert Entry course is a specialized class spanning two days of intense hands on experience for up to fifteen students. Our experience has been that Law Enforcement Agents, Technicians, Operators and International Travelers are generally not familiar with locks and related technology, so we begin from a zero knowledge-base in our training and advance as the students’ progress.


Tuition for the class is $550 per student. All necessary tools are provided for students during the training. Additionally, at the conclusion of the class each student will receive a custom training kit including custom entry/bypass tools and hardware to continue their practice and training after they have completed the course.

Tuition Includes:

  • Classroom Tools and Expendables (locks, picks and associated hardware)

  • Student Takeaway kit ($125+ value)

  • Breakfast and Lunch provided daily

  • Free Shuttle to/from Bradley Airport

The proposed training schedule is as follows: (schedule is subject to change)

Day One: (0900 – 1700hrs)

  • Introductory Lecture on Lock Picking

  • Familiarization of lock picking tools

  • Ethical and legal considerations

  • Hands on, fundamental single pin picking

  • Exercises on advanced lock entry (commercial and improvised tools)

Day Two: (0900 – 1500hrs)

  • Introductory Lecture on advanced forms of bypass

  • Hands on exercises with alternate locking systems (tubular, disc, wafer,

    dimple, combination, etc.)

  • Field expedient tool design and extensive hands-on with advanced bypass

    methods to include re-entry considerations

  • Continuation of advanced forms of bypass to included bumping, shimming,

    loiding, etc.

  • Methods of Entry (and Exit), case examples of sophisticated bypass

    (lecture, slides, video and demonstration)

  • Special applications and considerations